Canyon Vista

About This Project

This Berkeley residence overlooking Wildcat Canyon is the second property that our team has improved for the client.

It faced several challenges. The house is footed with concrete piers on a very steep hillside. The existing entry to the house was poorly planned and a perimeter fence was needed to keep three dogs inside and deer outside. An existing wooden retaining wall was failing and the tall wild grasses surrounding the house were a perfect habitat for ticks.

Our goal was to transform the yard into a space that not only addressed these challenges but also provided a welcoming and enjoyable environment for the family.

To address these problems and enhance functionality and safety, we implemented a meticulous redesign plan. The entry stairs were reimagined and strategically relocated, incorporating well-designed landings for practicality. This not only addressed the issue of the poorly designed walkway but also ensured a seamless connection to the existing deck and lower yard.

To address the thick vegetation problem, we replaced the existing lawn with decomposed granite in one area, introducing an aesthetically pleasing element to the landscape.

Additionally, a large wood deck was introduced in another area, providing a picturesque view overlooking Wildcat Canyon. The deck serves both functional and recreational purposes and enhances the overall appeal of the yard.

For the enjoyment of our client’s kids, a climbing wall was incorporated below the existing deck. Complete with ninja rings and grips, this feature adds an element of adventure and physical activity to the space, catering to the needs of an active family.

To address the structural concerns posed by the failing wood retaining wall we collaborated with Geotech and a civil engineer. As a result, we designed and implemented a new post and lagging retaining wall to ensure the safety, stability, and durability of the redesigned space.