Artistic Invitation

About This Project

Integrating art into a garden is a gift to the neighborhood and passersby. This whimsical rhythmic fence lets in light for the colorful combination of senecio, yarrow, nasturtium, sea lavender, African daisy, fleabane, and snow in summer.

This showstopper garden was designed with low water usage in mind.
Producing a planting design that attracts pollinators, incorporates lush greenery, purple flowers, yellow, and orange blooms is an artful process. We carefully selected and arranged these elements to craft a garden that’s not only pleasing to the eye but also fosters a harmonious and inviting outdoor space.

We repurposed tile from other projects and set a brick mosaic design into the paving of the entry walk that’s reminiscent of the sun setting on the horizon. We love mosaic for its ability to add color, texture, and vibrance to outdoor spaces. Since the weatherproof mosaic doesn’t fade, our clients enjoy its beauty for years to come.