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Planted Earth Design & Build Co. was established in 2003 in Berkeley, California by landscape architect/general contractor, Michael McFadden. We are a small company with a focus on custom residential landscape design, landscape construction, and garden care in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our approach is rooted in the belief that the garden is an extension of the living space of your home, an outdoor room in which many of the moments of your life will take place. Let us help you create a sanctuary to mirror who you are.


our philosophy



Whenever there is an opportunity, Planted Earth Inc. sources sustainable materials and utilizes drought tolerant, low maintenance plants suitable for our Mediterranean climate. Most of our gardens feature both California natives and carefully selected non-natives that conserve water, do not out-compete native species and are appropriate to the terrain, soil type and exposure of each site. In our plant choices, we are also mindful of supporting pollinators like bees, birds and butterflies, which bring vibrant beauty and magic to your garden. When specifying building materials for constructing fences, decks or arbors, we investigate how these materials have been harvested and prioritize sustainability in our selection process. We reduce our ecological impact with the help of sustainable products from Easy Bay Businesses like Biofuel Oasis, the Urban Farmer Store and Watershed Nursery, which respectively offer clean-burning biodiesel to fuel our fleet, smart irrigation technology for water conservation and California native plants.



At Planted Earth Design & Build Co. we believe that extraordinary outdoor environments are created when a landscape design firm places value in the individual strengths of its staff. We’ve worked hard to create a team of landscape professionals whose talents complement and support one another. By working together with the homeowner, Planted Earth Design & Build Co. can generate distinct and individualized landscape designs to be executed by our construction team with precision and professional excellence.



Planted Earth Design & Build Co. has had its roots in Berkeley since 2003 and we continue to base our operations out of the East Bay. Our team has over 20 years of experience working in the Bay Area and is familiar with the soil, flora, fauna and micro-climates of our many sub-regions. Our familiarity with the specific challenges of this area, such as the need for water conservation, building codes and planning ordinances, and our understanding of the unique opportunities to create stunning landscapes in harmony with California’s Mediterranean climate make all the difference in the lasting, high-quality work we do. We work and live here in the East Bay, and do our best to support our local small businesses through our trusted network of nurseries, arborists, architects, engineers, metal workers, electricians, plumbers and masons who are often involved in our projects.

Our Team


Michael McFadden


Michael McFadden is a licensed landscape architect and general contractor with a hands-on approach to creating unique outdoor environments. For thirty years, Michael has studied and practiced design, while at the same time building and caring for gardens as a landscaper. It is Michael’s belief that part of maintaining design proficiency is keeping his hands in the dirt. Michael holds a BS in Environmental Planning from Rutgers University, and spent five formative years in Jackson, Wyoming, drawing inspiration from the surrounding wilderness of the Teton valley. In addition to his experience in landscape design and construction Michael has worked as a log home carpenter and heavy equipment operator, and has remodeled two homes in the San Francisco Bay area. His expertise in the area of grading, drainage, earthwork, and retaining wall construction enable Planted Earth Design & Build Co. to go beyond what most people expect of a landscaping company. Michael lives in El Cerrito with his wife and three daughters. Whenever he has the chance, he gets into a kayak or onto a trail and takes a day off, bringing nature’s inspiration back to his designs when he returns.


Danica Zoran


Danica Zoran is a Landscape Designer at Planted Earth Design & Build Co. She has worked as a professional landscape designer since 2012 and holds a degree in Landscape Architecture and Horticulture from the University of Belgrade. In addition to her decade of experience with residential landscape design in Northern California, Danica has also worked on a broad range of project types including public parks, schoolyards, streetscapes and playgrounds. Danica is the Planted Earth Design & Build Co specialist trained and certified to implement the Model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance.


Eric Gallagher


Eric Gallagher brings extensive design, construction, and garden care knowledge and experience to the Planted Earth Design & Build Co. team. Eric’s 20+ years of experience encompasses having worked as a landscaper, gardener, estimator, designer, and a project manager at several Bay Area design-build Landscape Architecture firms. Eric earned an AS degree in Landscape Architecture as well as a certificate in Landscape Horticulture specializing in Design and Construction at Merritt College in Oakland. He has a background in art that fuels his designs and helps clients to visualize the end result through perspective drawings and other imagery. Ask him about gardens or music, his other passion! Eric plays guitar and keyboards in local bands in his free time.


Hana Allison


Hana Allison is a Junior Designer at Planted Earth Design & Build Co. In 2020, she left the corporate world to pursue her dreams of becoming a landscape architect. She has an AA in Landscape Architecture from Merritt College. Hana brings strong organizational skills together with a love of design and passion for creating beautiful spaces.