Piedmont Landscape Design
Red dwarf banana, kangaroo paw, California live oak in backyard with lawn, red deck chair and curving stone wall alongside steps.

Planted Earth Inc. provides the scenic residential charter city of Piedmont with landscape architect, design and build services.

Featuring some of the Bay Area’s most graceful gardens and classic, 19th-century style homes, Piedmont sits at the cusp of the flatlands and foothills of the East Bay. The town enjoys warmer temperatures, minimal fog and only mild breezes for much of the year. Many homes nestled amongst the hills have stunning views of the Bay, San Francisco and the setting sun.

Many west or south-facing yards can get especially hot and dry, favoring plants that do well in heat and have only modest water requirements. Even with appropriate planting of species comfortable in arid and semi-arid environments, drip irrigation will ensure that these plants survive long dry spells and heat waves. Mulching is important as well, acting to conserve water and stabilize soil erosion for homes embedded in Piedmont’s hillsides.

Earthworks engineering can be necessary to stabilize sloping terrain, keep soil in place and mitigate flooding.

Deer are prevalent in the Piedmont area and can cause significant damage to plants during the winter months, when foliage is sparse elsewhere. Secure fencing encompassing the property and constructed to sufficient height is essential for keeping deer out of your yard.

Whether it is designing an attractive, low water needs garden, a beautiful and effective fence or a stylish retaining wall or terrace, Planted Earth is happy to help residents of Piedmont make the most of their home landscapes.


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