Planted Earth Inc. offers custom landscape design and construction services in southern Marin County, including Tiburon, Mill Valley, San Rafael and Sausalito.

Marin is an ideal region for creating exquisite residential landscapes, for a number of reasons. Mount Tamalpais, Muir Woods, Angel Island and the Bay offer iconic backdrops for a home’s front or backyard.

Marin County’s temperate warm climate lets you spend time enjoying your outdoor spaces throughout the spring, summer and fall. The moderate and semi-arid weather here is also prime for cultivating the wild and particular beauty offered by California native and other water wise plant species.

The typical clay soils of Marin may need to be amended with organic matter to unlock nutrients, allow for healthy root distribution and water to percolate below the soil surface. With a little effort, clay soils can support a wide array of plants and trees.

Lastly, Marin’s historical connection to the Bay Area counterculture and arts scene means that more dynamic and creative built environments are accepted, with few Homeowners Associations or strict code for aesthetics.

As one of the Bay Area’s premier landscape architecture firms serving Marin, Planted Earth’s full suite of design and installation services can ensure that you bring your vision of a beautiful and unique outdoor space to fruition.

Decorative gate, maple tree, yarrow and fencing.
Decorative gate, maple tree, yarrow and fencing.