Landscaping in Kensington

Planted Earth offers our gardening and landscaping services in the unincorporated residential community of Kensington.

Kensington is nestled in the hills above the nearby cities of Berkeley, Albany and El Cerrito. Due to Kensington’s geography, residents are treated to expansive views looking west to the Golden Gate and Mount Tamalpais. The area is also bordered by the East Bay Regional Parks of Tilden and Wildcat Canyon to the east.

Kensington’s picturesque setting makes a great backdrop for a unique and beautiful landscape complementing the home.

Predominantly facing the southwest, the Kensington area gets lots of sunshine and receives high rainfall relative to the rest of the Bay Area, due to its elevation. The soil is mostly clay, which can be amended to allow roots to spread and unlock nutrients and water.

Strong winds blowing from across the Bay, as well as aggressive deer and gopher populations can harm plants. To minimize exposure to the elements and damage from wildlife, plant in sheltered areas, install proper fencing, choose resistant species (such as Manzanita or Sage) and gopher-proof with cages around the root ball of each plant.

Particularly above Arlington Avenue, the terrain is steep in Kensington. The natural movement of soil and water downhill can require significant engineering to hold soil in place and ensure proper drainage. Specific plant species, a thick mulch covering and drip irrigation can also minimize erosion and runoff.

Stabilizing a hillside can also serve to open up more usable space to enjoy in a hillside yard, by creating terraces, and patio landings.

Planted Earth Inc., located nearby in North Berkeley, has done many projects in Kensington and we are familiar with the conditions there.

New fence with penstemon, oak tree and vines.
New fence with penstemon, oak tree and vines.