Oakland Landscaping
Tibouchina urvilleana, succulents, alstrelomaria, japanese maple, climbing vine, fencing, gate and stone patio in Berkeley front yard.

Since our early days, Planted Earth Inc. has been creating gorgeous landscapes in the neighborhoods of Oakland.

The sprawling city has a warm and moderate climate for much of the year, allowing residents of Oakland to grow many varieties of fruits and vegetables. Enhancing this favorable climate with drip irrigation is a sure way to create a bountiful landscape.

However, irrigation systems may need to be designed around multiple micro-climates found in a single garden (shady hillside, sunny flat area, etc.), to ensure plants receive the optimum amount of water.

Oakland’s soil is relatively good, although areas with an industrial legacy should be tested for lead contamination or other environmental pollutants. Clay may need to be amended for in certain areas.

The neighborhoods of Rockridge, Temescal, Grand Lake, Montclair and Glen View in Oakland feature many old-fashioned craftsman homes, which are vibrantly enhanced when their surroundings come to life via intentional planting and landscape design.


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