Gardening in Alameda

The island town of Alameda was once known for its Naval air base, yet now the town is more accurately characterized by its relaxed atmosphere, tree lined neighborhoods, quaint parks and uncrowded shoreline.

Alameda is privy to mild breezes off of the Bay and warm, sunny weather throughout spring, summer and fall. While it can get hot, the general east-west orientation of most neighborhoods and the many trees throughout Alameda create a fair amount of shaded environments. This is beneficial for water conservation, and allows for the cultivation of attractive, shade-loving plants like California’s native ferns or flowering currant species. Broccoli, leafy greens and many other vegetables will also be happy in mixed shade gardens.

In more sunny areas, look to plant California species such as Ceanothus, Mimulus and Yarrow, or non-native, drought-tolerant plants like Lantana and Salvia.

The soil in Alameda is unremarkable on its own, and deserves to be amended. Clay soils can be amended with lime, sand/gypsum and compost manure, while sandy soils require lots of organic matter, such as manure, compost or even fallen leaves from the street.